Mentalizing Intiative

Dedicated to quality training for patient care.

We provide education and training in evidence-based treatments that have been shown to raise the capacity for mentalization.
Course Registration

MBT Basic Training Course

The Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) Basic Training course is made up of 3 days of LIVE (including breaks) and 21 hours of self-guided content – attendees will be required to do various tasks before, in-between and after live sessions taught by Drs. Anthony Bateman and Peter Fonagy.

Live Sessions

The live day sessions will run on the 13th, 15th, and 16th of July 2022


You will receive access to the self-guided online training.

CEU Available

18.5 - 21 hours Continuing Education Units available, pending final accreditation. Details to follow.

About Mentalizing Initiative

Providing Accessible Training to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Mentalizing Initiative is the first and only organization providing training and education in Mentalization Based Therapies on the West Coast. Since its inception, this original program has trained over 750 practitioners in Mentalization Based Therapy across the world.

Our Story

The Mentalizing Initiative is the first mentalizing program established on the West Coast. Since its inception, we have trained over 750 practitioners in Mentalization Based Therapy across the world.

Our Impact

MBT, in randomized controlled trials and longitudinal follow up studies has been shown to be effective in effective in multiple outcome measures including, hospitalization, emergency department visits, self-harm, quality of living and symptom reduction originally in borderline personality disorder and more recently in adolescents at risk, eating disorders and victims of trauma.

What We Offer

In an effort to increase access to effective, high-quality care, the Mentalizing Initiative offers training and educational seminars to both community and mental health professionals.

Our Team

We work to increase the availability and access to quality care for underserved patient populations by offering trainings to clinicians in evidence-based therapies that enhance the capacity to mentalize.

Ready to help?

The Mentalizing Initiative provides training for mental health clinicians that work with veterans, low-income communities, and other community mental health programs. You can help support us by donating or volunteering to assist in our programs.
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